About Timamoon

Our home in the valley

Nestled on the hills above the Sabie River, this valley boasts an array of endangered birds, antelope and plant species all of which can be seen on foot along our serene hiking trail.

After 2 long years of endless searching, as soon as Gaylyn and Maurice Hammond drove down the winding gravel road under the canopy of a lush indigenous forest, and crossed the little bridge over the Sabie River, they already knew they not only found their future family’s home, but also a very special place to start a lodge.

Timamoon was purchased in 1998 as a small banana and avocado farm, which is still in use today. It was then slowly transformed, year-by-year, into the unusual and exotic lodge it is today. The name Timamoon comes from an enchanted oasis called Timimoun in the Sahara, Algeria which, Gaylyn and Maurice visited on of their romantic adventures. The oasis is well known for it’s beautiful red mud Sudanese styled architecture. Both the style and ambience of Timamoon is encompassed by the couple’s 31 odd years of travels into the world’s more exotic and remote destinations. During these trips artefacts and items are hand picked and brought back to share with the guest’s visiting Timamoon. Be it a 4 poster beds from Zanzibar, antique temple windows from India or mammoth double wooden doors from Tibet, the collection is vast and holds a very sentimental place in the lives of the “Timamoon” family who still own and run the lodge together.

All three children are now actively involved in managing the lodge and are passionate about ensuring that it remains a very unique and personal place to visit.

Surrounded by lush indigenous bush, endless Eucalyptus forests, rivers and streams, Timamoon is known as one of the most beautiful properties in the Sabie river valley.

The Sabie River flows all year round and is one of the most biologically diverse rivers in South Africa. Flowing down from the Drakensburg mountains, crossing the breadth of the Kruger before reaching the ocean in Mozambique. This river brings an abundance of plant and wildlife to the Sabie Valley. Many of the birds, mammals and reptiles that make a home here do fall into the country’s endangered list. Some of the creatures seen around the Timamoon estate include:

The Red Duiker
Mountain Leopards
Long Crested Eagles

Purple Crested Lourie
Fish Eagles
The Narina Trojan
Honey Badgers
Bush Pig

Vervet Monkeys
Bush Babies
Monitor Lizards
Bushy Tailed Mongoose